VB-104 Aircraft Numbers & Names

The following list of official aircraft ID numbers and unofficial names for PB4Y-1 planes in the original VB-104 Squadron is adapted from the PacificWrecks website (see the Links page here). ID numbers with aircraft photos available may be clicked to show that photo.

ID Name Pilot Notes
32012 “Jungle Fever” Honey MIA November 15, 1943
32048 “Sears Steers”
32060 “Momentary Dysentary” Later in VB-4 accident 10/24/44 NAS Jacksonville
32061 “Mark’s Farts”
32069 Anderson MIA March 9, 1944
32071 “Red’s Devils”
32073 “Pistol Packin’ Mama” Later in VB-117 crash Camp Kearney June 6, 1944
32074 “Donald’s Duck” Ground-looped January 29, 1944
32076 “You Got It” Humphrey Destroyed in Carney raid with no crew injuries
32077 “Vulnerable Virgin” MIA January 8, 1944 South Pacific, 10 MIA
32079 “Whata-Honey” Searle MIA March 7, 1944
32080  “Unapproachable”
32081 “Whit’s Shits”
32083 “Astro Arsenal”


ARC Photo 2/1944

This photo is from the National Archives (ARC) at this link. It has been converted from the ARC file’s GIF format to JPEG and enlarged slightly.

1944 VB104 & VB106 Mail Call
1944 VB104 & VB106 Mail Call

ARC Description: Personnel of VB104 & VB106 gather around Chief Yeoman Willis to receive their mail on Munda, New Georgia Island, 02/1944

Claude Hawkins Photos

Claude Hawkins of VB-104 Crew 12 kindly shared these photos from his WWII collection via email. He also shared some recollections, some of which might be posted later. If you can provide more information about any of these photos, please leave a Comment or get in touch with us via the Contact page.

76 Nose Art - Hawkins
76 Nose Art
PB4Y-1 In Formation - Hawkins
PB4Y-1 In Formation
Vulnerable Virgin Nose Art - Hawkins
Vulnerable Virgin Nose Art
Men With R773 Crash - Hawkins
Men With R773 Crash
Men With R773 Closeup - Hawkins
Men With R773 Closeup
Men With 61 Nose Art - Hawkins
Men With 61 Nose Art
Men With Plane Wrecks - Hawkins
Men With Plane Wrecks
Kau Kau Korner Sign - Hawkins
Kau Kau Korner Sign
Crew With 81 - Hawkins
Crew With 81
Coconut Guy - Hawkins
Claude Hawkins with Coconut
Ed May - Hawkins
Ed May & Claude Hawkins
Nose Art 09 - Hawkins
Nose Art 09
Nose Art B-25 Honey - Hawkins
Nose Art B-25 Honey
Ship Strafing Run - Hawkins
Ship Strafing Run
Beached Ship - Hawkins
Beached Ship


Crew 12 – J.F. Humphrey

Crew 12, 32076

Crew 12:
Commander    Lt John F. Humphrey    104758
First Pilot    Lt(jg) Walter H. Heider    125247
Co-pilot        Ensign August M. Lodato    156375
Bombardier    Robert M. Weston    372-60-30
Plane Captain    John E. Ready    371-97-09
Radioman        Donald L. Robinson    393-49-75
Bow Gunner    Claude W. Hawkins    300-75-72
Top Gunner    Jack Laming    632-58-69
Waist Gunner    Orvil L. Owens    382-47-28
Waist Gunner    Billy Lofton    645-01-76
Belly Gunner    Clinton E. Hunt    622-47-19
Tail Gunner    Joseph P. Devine    642-11-65

Aircraft History
US Navy PB4Y-1 Liberator (modified Army B-24), Bureau Number 32076 was assigned to Crew 12 of VB-104, Nose Number 76, nicknamed “You Got It”. Nose art was a standing female in bikini bottom with left knee bent forward and covering her bare top with right arm (art reversed on other side of aircraft nose). This aircraft was destroyed on the ground with no crew injuries during a September 20, 1943 Japanese night raid on Carney Airfield. Disposition unknown.

Mission History
Crew formed in VP-71 flying PBY amphibious aircraft, including cited May 22, 1943 repair mission for PB2Y down at sea. Joined VB-104 and assigned PB4Y-1 aircraft 32076, flown starting July 2, 1943 with trans-Pac three days later from San Diego, CA to Kaneohe, HI. After aircraft 32076 was destroyed, this crew flew assorted other PB4Y-1 bombers as they were available. On a mission November 4, 1943 they took off in aircraft 32080 from Carney Airfield on a bombing mission against Kapingamarangi Lagoon, located and destroyed an enemy AVP (seaplane tender)*, strafed installations, were engaged by 8 Rufes (Japanese Zero on floats), and landed badly damaged at Munda with Owens and Hunt wounded. They continued flying combat missions until April 1944 when most or all returned to the U.S. for rest and recuperation. Lt. Humphrey served the duration of the war as a test and training pilot in various aircraft. The crew earned several medals and citations including the Air Medal for their actions.

“The Buccaneers of Harry Sears” by H.J. Thompson, Lt. John F. Humphrey pilot log, memories and photos of Claude W. Hawkins.
*Note: Researcher Minoru Kamada has kindly supplied this additional information from Japanese archives:
Two ships damaged were HOSHO MARU and No.5 aux. mine sweeper. Pilots of Rufes from 902 Kokutai defending Kapingamarangi during the cited raid included: Lt.YAMAZAKI, Keizo; PO1 HAYASE, Satoyuki; PO1 SOEJIMA, Ryozo; Lt(jg) SHIMAMOTO, Shigeji; CPO SUNAMI, Keiji; CPO SUZUKI, Yoshio; and PO1 NARITA, Hachiro. A total of six Rufes were destroyed at the island within a period of three days beginning with this attack.

Action Report
Below is a photo (click to enlarge) of the Action Report taken from the book “VB-104 April 1943 – April 1944” being sought for publication in full here as of this writing.

1943-11-4 Humphrey Action Report
1943-11-4 Humphrey Action Report

Pilot Log
Here’s a snippet of a photo (click to enlarge) from Lt. Humphrey’s actual Pilot Logbook for this action:

43-11-01 Humphrey Log Entry
43-11-01 Humphrey Log Entry