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104 First Tour Photos

Douglas Register shared these two pix of his father’s plane and crew, with his comments in italics below.

PB4Y-1 VB104 #61 Guadalcanal
PB4Y-1 VB104 #61 Guadalcanal

PB4Y-1, No. 61, in the original VB-104 Squadron: Dad’s “Mark’s Farts” lifting off from Guadalcanal, South Pacific.

Crew 61 "Marks Farts"
Crew 61 “Marks Farts”

Mark’s Farts crew. First row, the third sailor from right is James Register, father. — in Solomon Islands.


4/1/44 VB-104 Names

Dad’s memorabilia included this list of the names of men serving in VB-104 Squadron as of 4/1/1944. Some of the names are difficult to read, including August Lodato whose first and last names I’m familiar with because he flew with Dad. The others are mostly readable except the last one apparently added out of alphabetical order at the bottom. I hope this list may be helpful to anyone seeking more info on who was in this “first tour” of the 104.

4/1/33 Name List
4/1/33 Name List

Seeking Crew 38 Info

Carol Hunn wrote, “My grandfather (Robert Garner) was in VPB 104 July – October 1945.” Her information is that he was at Clark Field July – October 1945 in VPB 104, then in Pureto Pincesa in VPB 119 Nov ’45 – Feb ’46. She believes he was in crew 38.

Please contact us if you can provide any info or suggestions. Below are some photos she sent, that will be of interest to anyone with connections to the crew.

Crew 38?
Crew 38?
Crew 38 Boarding?
Crew 38 Boarding?
Robert "Bob" Garner
Robert “Bob” Garner


Volunteer & Funny Photo

I’m happy to announce that a new volunteer has offered to help with this free VPB-104 website. He’s already started work by editing this post I began for him. -John

C.O. at Welcome Sign
C.O. at Welcome Sign

Lt Cdr Whitney Wright, Commanding Officer of VPB-104 from November 1944 to May 1945, is pictured here at Clark Field, Philippine Islands, leaning on a dose of wartime good humor outside a staff tent.

The text of the sign reads as follows:

Patronize Fleet Air Wing 17

We offer

  • Deluxe hotel service * Excellent cuisine
  • Soft beds * valet service * The best Acorn
  • and Casu Service * Gas oil bomb and
  • ammunition * first aid
  • Free aerial excursion to China, Formosa,
  • Ryukus * See the Japanese Empire in
  • cherry blossom time at our expense
  • Expert briefing of free daily travel folders
  • If you don’t like our SERVICE we will provide excellent
  • alibis from our inexhaustible supply prepared by experts.
  • If you like it tell us and the higher Commands
  • Warning Take shower before using swimming pool

The Management.