This website was created on Memorial Day, 2014 in tribute to the U.S. Navy men of PB4Y Liberator heavy patrol bomber Squadron VB-104 later renamed VPB-104 in the Pacific Theater of WWII. Our goal is to provide a place to share information about the 104 Squadron’s service.

Family and friends of these men, and historians or others with information, are invited to volunteer their time in collecting, sharing and publishing information about VPB-104. Please use our Contact form.

The free occasional squadron newsletter Screaming One “0” Four is published, printed and distributed via postal mail by 104 veteran:
Fred Himsworth, VPB-104 Secretary
··10011 NE 118th Ave., Apt. 211
··Vancouver WA 98682
Phone: 360) 823-4738
Cell: 541) 771-6766
E-mail – You can also use this Contact Form to email Fred any inquiry about the Screaming One “0” Four Newsletter:

  *Note that the now-defunct address (HIMSWORTH, Fred fredhvpb104@imagina.com) formerly published on VPNavy.org and elsewhere online for Fred is no longer functional.

For inquiries about this website, please use our different Contact form by clicking this link.

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