Volunteer & Funny Photo

I’m happy to announce that a new volunteer has offered to help with this free VPB-104 website. He’s already started work by editing this post I began for him. -John

C.O. at Welcome Sign
C.O. at Welcome Sign

Lt Cdr Whitney Wright, Commanding Officer of VPB-104 from November 1944 to May 1945, is pictured here at Clark Field, Philippine Islands, leaning on a dose of wartime good humor outside a staff tent.

The text of the sign reads as follows:

Patronize Fleet Air Wing 17

We offer

  • Deluxe hotel service * Excellent cuisine
  • Soft beds * valet service * The best Acorn
  • and Casu Service * Gas oil bomb and
  • ammunition * first aid
  • Free aerial excursion to China, Formosa,
  • Ryukus * See the Japanese Empire in
  • cherry blossom time at our expense
  • Expert briefing of free daily travel folders
  • If you don’t like our SERVICE we will provide excellent
  • alibis from our inexhaustible supply prepared by experts.
  • If you like it tell us and the higher Commands
  • Warning Take shower before using swimming pool

The Management.


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